Many of you know us from Jane's Youtube Channel "Velocityvette08".Jane started crafting after she challenged me to make the Anniversary card I would be giving her for our 2nd Anniversary.She went on the hunt for a scrapbooking store,found one and next thing I know she was taking a few classes.Well that didn't last long and within weeks she was on Youtube making new friends.She hit a few bumps in the road, but she hung in there and 2 years later she had almost 7,000 subbies and almost 600,000 views.But more then that she had managed to create an extended family of crafters all around the world. 


Meanwhile we had adopted Tupelo,our sweet Greyhound that we love to no end, but has also won the hearts of many on Janes Youtube channel.He has received his own Happy Mail and usually gets a few bucks around his birthday so he can buy his special treats he likes...

I was probably paying more attention then Jane realized and had learned quite a few of the big names in the crafting business.I invented a very comfortable ink blending tool that caused us to start an Etsy store and we were clicking along, selling some ink blenders now and then and things were good.


Then Jane came up with the idea of opening a "real" online craft store that would be my business so I could quit my full time job.She's a serious online shopper and knows what she likes and what she doesn't, so she was poised to help me out.We got it going and she was there to guide me every step of the way.We also came up with the goal to move away from the city and buy a place in the country on some land.We figured we only needed internet and a post office.As 2015 went along the store became busier and busier, to the point I could not handle it, so we began to look for someone to sell it to.


We ended up meeting Dan, who was very interested in the store; however, we found partnering was a better way to go then to sell the business.Now Dan handles all the shipping, with a warehouse team he has, and he gets all the new inventory in and handles all email communications with customers. 

Life has become more comfortable for us with a lot less responsibility.I provide training and guidance to Dan as needed, but he has taken the reigns and does quite well.If you get a chance and want to meet him, just drop him an email through the store.He's happy to get to know the customers the store serves!

Thank you all, for without you, we would not be.