We try our best to provide the best customer service possible; however, there are times when certain guidlines must be followed in order to efficiently and effectively run the business. 

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions to your purchase you are inderstanding and agreeing to the following:

  • ADDING TO ORDERS: Once my order is placed TupeloDesignsLLC (TDLLC) cannot ADD to my order.  
  • COMBINING ORDERS: If I place an additional order, shipping will be combined, only if the previous order has not been packaged and/or a shipping label produced.  If I am concerned about a shipping refund, I will need to contact TDLLC prior to placing the additional order.
  • PRE-ORDERS: When ordering an item that is a Pre-Order, I will be charged at the time I make the purchase to reserve the item(s). My order will be held until the entire order is ready to ship.  We suggest ordering all Pre-Order items on one order separately from items available to ship, for that reason.  I understand if I place an order with Pre-Order items on it, even if some items are in stock, the order will be held until all items are available, and the order will not be partially shipped.
  • SPECIAL REQUESTS: If I request a special item to be ordered specifically for me, I agree to payment prior to the item being ordered.  
  • REFUNDS/EXCHANGESIf I receive my order and find I have a damaged or missing item, I am required to contact TDLLC within 1 week of receiving my order.  Any refunds or exchanges are at the discretion of TDLLC.
  • If I receive an incorrect item, it must be unopened and re-sellable in order to receive a refund. I must contact TDLLC within one week of receiving the incorrect item. TDLLC will pay for return shipping.
  • I am not able to exchange any items based on changing my mind regarding my purchase. We do not accept returns of opened or used items.
  • TDLLC does not offer store credit.
  • TDLLC will do their best to locate a specific item for you; however, the item must already be identified.
  • TAXES: TDLLC is located in Texas; therefore all Texas customers are required to pay sales tax.
  • CONTACTING TDLLC: All contact with TDLLC is to be done through the store email at: tupelodesignsllc@gmail.com  attn: Dan.  Leaving messages elsewhere such as FaceBook or Youtube will cause a delay in response, and potentially go unanswered since I have no access to those sites
  • LOST/MISSING ORDERS:Tracking will be provided on all orders.  Once verification of shipment is available through the USPS site that your package has been shipped it is out of TDLLCs control.  I understand orders will only be replaced at my (buyer) expense if the order does not arrive. 
  • LOYALTY PROGRAM: The Loyalty Program is open to all customers; however, it can end at any time without prior notice.  Any unused Loyalty Points have no monitary value.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The stated Terms and Conditions are subject to change as necessary at any time.  Staying current on these items is considered the responsibility of the buyer.