Clarity Stamp - Remountable Letterbox  + MASK (Unmounted)

Clarity Stamp - Remountable Letterbox + MASK (Unmounted)

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This set contains four strips of remountable clear stamps, four separate remountable clear stamps and one A5 sheet of masks for the box stamps: 

  • Upper Case Letters: Between 10mm x 13mm & 8mm x 11mm
  • Lower Case Letters: Between 8mm x 14mm & 4mm x 12mm
  • 3 Squares: 23mm x 51mm
  • 2 Squares: 21mm x 35mm
  • 1 Outline Square: 17mm x 17mm
  • 1 Solid Square: 17mm x 17mm

    All stamps have a 1/4" depth for amazing images.  

    This stamps can be mounted on the famous Clarity Stamp mount.


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